In 1980, David Yurman established their eponymous precious jewelry business alongside their girlfriend Sybil. Merely 24 months later on the company would release a design that could become an icon from the brand—the wire bracelet. Within the preceding decades, additional from the brand’s styles like the Renaissance bracelet, Noblesse ring, Albion band, and Oval Link necklace would incorporate the cable tv theme.

David Yurman is extremely popular as a consequence of its brand name recognition and wide array of price factors as a result of his use of gold and semi-precious gemstones like quartz, citrine, topaz and turquoise.

Therefore, most major precious jewelry purchasers cannot spend reasonably limited for David Yurman like might
, Bulgari or
, and rather pay a standard rate for weight and level associated with the
or gem stone, and the fat and level of silver or silver.

Below, we take you step-by-step through some options for selling your undesired David Yurman precious jewelry for the maximum amount of cash as you can, and response different common questions relating to the company:

The best places to offer David Yurman precious jewelry: 5 ways

David Yurman does not currently get back their jewelry but there are places getting money for your object. Consider the following difficulties for offering your own David Yurman:

Resale price is actually reduced, especially for sterling silver and semi-precious gemstones. Because Yurman the most common brands in the industry, there was a big markup at shopping. There’s also plenty of fakes in the marketplace, so that they are mostly really worth only the scrap products should you sell to the majority on the web precious jewelry purchasers. There really does appear to be a David Yurman market on ebay and online consignment stores — but plenty of fakes may reported.

Offer returning to a jeweler

Some regional jewelers purchase used jewelry, such as designer companies like David Yurman. Generate an appointment for an
, which will help you already know the worth of your piece. Then, question them as long as they’d want to consider purchasing your object.

Selling the David Yurman to a local jeweler is generally a good option if you’d would rather promote the jewellery face-to-face, as well as in issues for which you require cash immediately.

That said, local jewelers fundamentally earn money by reselling the jewellery to another client, therefore anticipate a honest jeweler to cover you around 50-70percent associated with item’s selling price.

Sell on consignment

Selling the David Yurman precious jewelry on
really works such as this:

  • Get a hold of a nearby consignment store that takes high-end precious jewelry.
  • Push your own object into the shop so they can choose whether they’d will go on it.
  • When they accept your product, a shop will typically expense them immediately after which display it within their go shopping for purchase.

How once you obtain compensated depends on the store’s policies. Some consignment shops pay an upfront fee if they recognize the object.

Various other retailers pay just if they in fact sell your own product. Expect you’ll get 40 to 60per cent regarding the sale cost.

You can even seek out an internet consignment shop like
, or
, each of which have a considerable David Yurman providing.

Sell at a pawn store

Whenever a lot of people contemplate offering their particular jewellery, they immediately contemplate
neighborhood pawn retailers
. You that pawn retailers normally only pay around 30% regarding the merchandising property value the product. If you want cash fast, next a pawn store may be a good choice available. Usually, you had likely be better supported by attempting to sell your David Yurman elsewhere.

Promote at an auction

With a
jewellery market
, you eventually sell your own piece on one who’s prepared to shell out the highest amount of cash to suit your object.

However, ever since the almost all David Yurman pieces are not especially important, many market residences will not just take these products.
will buy a silver and diamond David Yurman part value at least $1,000. Generally, this means a bit of jewelry with a diamond this is certainly .5 carats or larger, or precious gems like rubies, emeralds, or sapphires which are at the least 2 carats. With regards to David Yurman, Worthy is much more inclined to accept gold pieces over silver pieces.

We love Deserving because:

  • Worthy has an A+ rating with the BBB and a score of 4.8 from 5 movie stars on Trustpilot, according to significantly more than 1,700 consumer product reviews.
  • Deserving allows you to choose the minimal purchase cost for your object
  • Worthwhile covers shipping, handling, and insurance coverage of your item, for example you have to pay nothing to promote the product.
  • 100 % free GIA or IGI laboratory report for each object
  • Just professional precious jewelry purchasers should buy things through Worthy’s platform, enhancing the odds of good rate

Review our extensive
writeup on our knowledge offering with deserving
, or
get a free of charge estimate today >>

Sell to a professional precious jewelry purchaser online

Like regional jewellery retailers buy jewellery to sell within brick-and-mortar retailers, some expert on the web jewelry purchasers purchase jewellery with all the goal of reselling it.

Mainly because organizations routinely have much less overhead in comparison to bodily organizations, and since they need to compete with additional on line sites, you are going to often find that they offer even more to suit your items, which will make all of them a good selection for offering your precious jewelry.

CashforGoldUSA is our very own recommended web precious jewelry customer for most items, because:

  • A+ Better Business Bureau standing
  • Welcomes all sizes and loads of gold, silver and gem products
  • Pays within 24 hours of shipping your object
  • 100% cost-free FedEx shipping
  • Insured to $100,000 – complimentary
  • 10percent bonus if you send your item in within seven days

CashforGoldUSA will pay market price your gold, silver, diamond and gems within item — yet not reasonably limited when it comes to brand name, with the majority of jewelry buyers.

Tips promote David Yurman precious jewelry online

The easiest way to
promote the David Yurman jewellery online
relies upon what you’re attempting to sell.

CashforGoldUSA is our top option because they will accept your David Yurman portion, regardless of the worthiness. Also, they are incredibly reliable and found by personal research to cover a premium price, qickly.

How-to sell to CashforGoldUSA:

  1. Check-out
  2. Plug within title and target, and whether you prefer a FedEx or USPS mailer.
  3. Either printing your mailer straight away, or wait a few days for one to arrive.
  4. Pop your own object in mailer to get it acquired by FedEx, or decrease it well.
  5. In 24 hours or less get an offer and take repayment. Should you choose Paypal, you will get your funds straight away.

How much is actually David Yurman precious jewelry worth?

Some facets enter deciding the value of your David Yurman jewelry. A few of the most important factors consist of:

  • Materials used (silver,
    , expensive diamonds, other gemstones, etc.)
  • The health of the jewelry, such as if it’s any damage
  • The rareness and rise in popularity of the particular design you happen to be offering
  • If you can easily show provenance with a receipt, certification, or initial box/bag/other add-ons that will came together with the portion

All of that being stated, you could get a feeling of exacltly what the precious jewelry might be worth by evaluating it against comparable parts with not too long ago sold. Some David Yurman bracelets which have offered lately on consist of:

14K silver cuff and silver 18k and diamond bracelets for $2,029*

2 David Yurman 18K gols diamond necklaces for $1,154*

4 18K gold and diamond David Yurman bracelets for $2,228*

*Note that Worthy generally speaking does not accept single items really worth below $1,000, and every among these product sales are a variety of 2 to 4 products.

accepts all weights and principles of silver, gold, diamond, gemstone and other jewelry.

FAQs about selling your own David Yurman precious jewelry

Below are solutions to a few of the most common concerns people have about offering David Yurman precious jewelry.

Am I able to trade in my personal David Yurman?

David Yurman doesn’t offer a trade-in program.

What’s the resale property value David Yurman precious jewelry?

The resale value of your David Yurman jewellery depends on some different factors, such as the situation from the portion, how uncommon and well-known the design is actually, and the materials that have been used to succeed. Pieces with expensive diamonds and other gems will bring an increased resale importance than comparable pieces without stones.

Likewise, if you have the original package or bag that the piece came in you might find it much easier to sell the part to a new holder, because this are likely to make it more convenient for you to show the provenance for the part.

Generally, expect you’ll obtain the scrap silver or scrap silver worth of the product.
Inspect existing value at CashforGoldUSA’s gold and silver calculator >>

How will you tell if the David Yurman precious jewelry is real?

Should you decide purchased your precious jewelry directly from David Yurman or a professional jeweler including Neiman Marcus or Saks, then you can certainly relax effortless with the knowledge that the piece is authentic. If, however, you bought your part from a second-hand purchaser or received it as a gift, may very well not be 100percent certain that its, in reality, actual.

One way to see if your own David Yurman jewelry is actually actual is to try to find the brand’s signature in part. All genuine David Yurman jewelry is stamped making use of David Yurman signature. With regards to the 12 months and design, this might consist of:

  • D.Y.
  • Or the singer’s trademark

Definitely, a skilled counterfeiter can forge a trademark. With this thought, the only method to know 100per cent if or not your own jewellery is actually actual should have it appraised.

Could I trade in my personal David Yurman?

David Yurman cannot offer a trade-in plan.

What is the resale property value David Yurman jewellery?

The resale property value your own David Yurman precious jewelry is determined by many different facets, such as the problem associated with part, exactly how uncommon and preferred the look is, and also the materials that have been always allow it to be. Pieces with expensive diamonds and other gems will get a greater selling price than similar pieces without stones. Generally, expect you’ll have the scrap gold or scrap silver worth of your own object.

How can you determine if your David Yurman jewelry is actually real?

Should you bought your own jewelry straight from David Yurman or a professional jeweler such as Neiman Marcus or Saks, then you can certainly rest effortless understanding that the piece is genuine. If, however, you purchased your part from a second-hand customer or was given it as something special, may very well not be 100per cent certain that truly, indeed, genuine. The easiest way to find out if your own David Yurman jewelry is real is always to check for the brand’s trademark from inside the piece. All genuine David Yurman jewellery is actually stamped aided by the David Yurman signature.

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